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through data sharing & communication across disparate settings


relationship identification

multi-modal communication

Collecting data

through workflow



We are passionate about helping people provide care.

We provide tools to help capture valuable data and share it with the RIGHT PEOPLE, at the RIGHT TIME, and in an EFFECTIVE format that PROMOTES COLLABORATION and COORDINATION of CARE.

From doctors and nurses to the most important of all, the daily caregivers and the person themself, we understand that in order to deliver good care, we need to connect the village it takes to provide it.

We offer software as a service through web, mobile web, iOS and Android applications that integrate data from disparate care settings to provide the best care possible. By providing tools to improve your ability to capture data, then distribute the data to other appropriate care providers for the patient, and provide a means for secure multi-modal communication, you have the power of collaboration within palm of your hand.


provider tools


multimodal communication

Communication requires more than secure messaging. it requries identification of the appropriate person, ability to connect, and allow for asynchronous communication.

EHRX has integrated healthcare facility and practice level patient assignment information, which allows to help identify upto the minute patient-provider assignments. Patients can give additional access to non-facility based providers in order to complete the care team. Through secure messaging, message strings, capability of adding additional providers to messages, message receipt and read confirmations, dashboards, and notifications, EHRX promotes communication and collaboration amongst the care providers.

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Data capture embedded in workflow

adding data should be an effortless part of provider routines and deliver real-time value for the patient and providers.

Tools created to reduce workload, of data entry by providers through acquisition of data from interfaces and repurposing data preiously entered by other care providers, reduces the burdon on providers to re-enter redundant data and provides more value to data collected.

Tools created for patients to monitor their symptoms and receive immediate analytics provides for a powerful and valuable mode of disease monitoring. Relaying this data to providers using alert algorithms can result in more appropriate and timely care.

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hl-7 interfaces & API support

Exchanging data between healthcare facility information systems brings valuable data to providers throughout all care settings.

Using HL-7 and API processes, EHRX pulls and pushes data real time to provide updated information where and when it is needed. Routing and alerts can be configured within institutions and through EHRX to improve timely delivery of care.

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care collaboration

combining all the tools and data deliver the level of care collaboration required in modern healthcare

Utilizing modern mobile technology, data base capabilities, patient engagement, and care team mindset, true collaboration for improving patient care is possible. EHRX takes the effort out of care collaboration and uses more meaninful utilization of technology to drive collaboration.

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